'3D Printing and scanning'


3D Printing

I've had previous experience with 3D printing and scanning. For this exercise I tried to do a vase first, angles where not passing the 45° degrees but sadly the Ultimaker Cura (software use to send files to machines) didn't allow my file to print correctly. Weird because it was a "closed poly-surface" but somehow it was also "non-manifold" which I guess it is the reason why it couldn't print or at least recognize the form.

I asked Mikel for help, but we couldn't find a way. So with such a hurry and an hour to supposedly get the project done I had to do something quick. I modeled a simpler vase (I know this is not the assignment as it should be, because it is not made " subtractively".

After getting the model and the file right. It was time to choose the material and choose the machine. I wanted to print in PLA with terracota. So first, I needed to heat the nozzle. For this I just had to go through the machine menu, set the temperature I wanted and wait until the material was hot enough to remove from the nozzle. After this, it was time to place the new material in.

After getting done with the presets I had to make sure the file in Ultimaker Cura had the same settings (especially the ones according to the material). I needed to change the temperature that heats nozzle to 220°C.

I know this model is not what the assignment is supposed to be, because this printing can be made subtractively. So here you can see model that I did a while ago. It has a few errors, as I didn't comply the 45° rule.

3D Scanning

For 3D scanning, I decided to scan the object I printed (the small bowl) I wanted to see how well it worked and maybe print it again. I downloaded a program called "Agisoft Metashape", took 138 photos of the object. It was important to follow an order, and from bottom to top, then I moved a little bit to the side to catch a new era and move down again to the bottom. I was the one that moved, not the object. So I surrounded it until I came back to the beginning point.

It took a long long time (about 2 hours). I don't know if I changed something on my computer or is it a normal thing for the software to take this long.

It didn't work! I tried to make it a few times but couldn't achieve anything. It must be something on my camera, although I tried changing the settings (found this on the internet) and still couldn't align the photos. In the end, just to get this task done. I asked for another phone and took photos of a "Huichol craft 💙". This was the result. I'll get back with new with my stubborn and lazy phone.